“the bulls are grand as the side of the sun and although they kill them for the stale crowds, it is the bull that burns the fire, and although there are cowardly bulls as there are cowardly matadors and cowardly men, generally the bull stands pure and dies pure untouched by the symbols or cliques […]

“A most paradoxical mixture of sound and silence pervades the shady parts of the wood. The noise from the insects is so loud, that it may be heard even in a vessel anchored several hundred yards from the shore; yet within the recesses of the forest a universal silence appears to reign. To a person […]

“My sister is quick to call somebody a friend, even somebody she hardly knows, if it suits her book. Come to think of it, I haven’t any friends at all. Since I grew up I haven’t had a single friend. Friendship–what a leprous word! People use it every day ad nauseum so that it’s become […]